hi there...

i am Imran Ul Haque

Finance Manager | Financial Controller | Expert Data Analysist and student of Data Science

Big 4 trained, senior finance professional and data analyst with over 18+ years of experience.

Extensive experience in Financial Accounting & Reporting, Consolidation, Budgeting and Forecasting, Financial Analysis, Internal and External Auditing, Treasury and Fund management, Capital budgeting, Feasibility Study, ERP Implementation, IFRS/IAS Compliance...

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about me

My name is Imran Ul Haque
& I am a Financial Controller/ Finance Manager

A senior finance professional with over 18 years of experience in Financial reporting, Financial Analysis, Budgeting and forecasting, Internal and external auditing, Treasury and Fund management, Capital budgeting and feasibility study, ERP implementation, IFRS/IAS..

Worked for 8 years at Deloitte (PK, UAE, KSA, BH) and over 10 years in Manufacturing, Distribution and Trading industry.

Age : 43

Language : English, Urdu, Hindi

Work : Financial Controller

Skill : Financial Data Analysis

Freelance : Available

Phone : +971-50-4609019

Email : imranulhaquee@gmail.com

Country : Pakistan

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my skills

Data analysis & Data Driven Decision Making 95%

ERP & SAP Implementation 85%

Financial Planning and Budgeting 90%

Excel and Financial Modeling 95%

Financial and Tax Planning 90%

Budgeting and Forecasting 95%

>> 20+

years of experience

>> 100+

Companies Experience

>> 18+

projects completed

>> 8+

Countries Experience


my services

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting in full compliance with IFRS

Accounting and System Implementation

Multi-company accounting in one database with efficient ERP System

Inventory Management and Tracking

Automated calculation, online inventory tracking, Streamline warehouse operations

Project Costing

Projects’ profitability, expenses tracking and desired output extraction

Financial Modeling

Create Model to identify financial strength and help making informed decisions.

Sales Analysis

Real-time information about actual with budgeted sales, prices and availability


my experience

2015 - 2023

Cloud Based Reporting System

Developed onine cloud based Financial and Operational Dashboard to improve and centralized reporting system.

2014 - 2023

Designed and implemented group Structure

implemented organizational structures and systems that align to an organization's core strategies.

2015 - 2023

Managed Financial Risk and Cash Flow

Identified risks, analysing them and took timely decisions, Managed Cash inflow and outflow.

2017 - 2020

Merger And Acquisition

Lead Finance team, provide historical data and future growth plans, coordinate with auditors and lawyers in Merger and Acquisition, from pitch phase to closing.

2015 - 2023

Budgeting and forecasting

Ensure that The Budget Is Realistic, Perform Scenario Planning, Create Short-Term and Long-Term Plans Using Advance AI Tools, Regularly Monitored Updated

2015 - 2020

Implemented SAP and ERP

Design the reporting template, access the security and control, migrate the data and ensure zero loss of information, post implementation avlidation.


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+971 50 4609019

my address

Business Bay, Ubora Tower, 34th Follor, Dubai